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        We modify a stock S54  hub with a CNC cut 300 maraging steel ring. C300 maraging steel is high grade nickel, cobalt alloy that has 300,000 psi tensile strength compared to the stock hub steel that is 158,000.

      The C300 ring has larger tabs to take up the play in the OEM pump. The OEM hub's narrow tabs will embed into the pump which increases the clearance and noise over time. The tabs on the C300 hub are also wider which keeps them from embedding into the pump.

      An OEM hub is turned down on a lathe to accept our tab ring. Then the ring is pressed on the hub and tig welded. Then 6 extra holes are bored around the perimeter to offset the added weight of our ring.

       TT C300 hub is a direct replacement, no machining is required to any part.

Price for the C300 hub is $700 plus a $50 core charge and $10 shipping in the U.S. The core fee is refunded when we receive your core.

TT V3 300 hub.

CNC cut C300 Maraging ring before heat treatment.


Over 300 sold

We also sale ARP camshaft bolts contact for info.